16th March 2024


A modern take on a classic luminaire

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Introducing the ARX-862: A Modern Take on Timeless Illumination

Meet the ARX-862, our contemporary interpretation of a classic light fixture. This minimalist wall sconce, with a diameter of ⌀60mm, is meticulously crafted from solid brass, blending traditional aesthetics with modern design elements.

Designed to simplify lighting solutions, the ARX-862 incorporates advanced features for enhanced performance. Integrated low-glare optics eliminate the need for additional accessories like honeycomb attachments, ensuring efficient illumination and improved visual comfort.

Powered by the latest COB LEDs from CREE, this fixture delivers exceptional output efficiencies while maintaining high color rendering accuracy with CRI scores of 90 and above.

Behind its understated exterior lies a remarkable combination of innovation and craftsmanship. Utilizing technologies such as 3M VHB seals, custom gaskets, and 3D printed electronics holders, the ARX-862 is built to provide reliability and functionality without compromising on style.

Discover the perfect blend of tradition and innovation with the ARX-862. Redefine your lighting experience with a luminaire that seamlessly merges timeless charm with modern efficiency.


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