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Introducing ARX

The new standard in Australian architectural lighting is here. From the team behind Aqualux Lighting, ARX is a project with 20+ years of lighting design and engineering experience behind it.

Australian Made

ARX Lighting is designed, engineered, tested, manufactured and assembled right here in Sydney, Australia. With vertically integrated local production capacity, ARX can rapidly deliver specification-grade lighting solutions.


The Aqualux Way

For almost 20 years, Aqualux Lighting has been supplying high quality outdoor light fittings to customers around Australia. Over that time, we became known not only for quality products but outstanding customer support and post-sales service. As Aqualux shifted to local design and manufacturer, we found ourselves asked to approach a new market with a fresh perspective. ARX was born.


Architectural inspiration

With ARX, the history and experience of Aqualux will be harnessed as we develop and grow the product portfolio. Coupled with our industry leading engineering and manufacturing skills, ARX offers a range of lighting well suited to the local market and climatic demands.